Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

vCloude is an all in one storage solution unit that is plugged into your home network which automatically backs up and centralizes all the content like videos, pictures in your centralized personal storage, allowing it to access and consume it on any device. Being an online device, information can be quickly and easily accessed and shared with family and friends. VCloud is an end to end solution with low investments and provides high security for the existing as well as for the new consumers.


  • Secure connection and encrypted data
  • Low cost solution
  • One minute setup, zero configuration
  • Storing a 1:1 copy (mirrored physical hard drive)
  • Automatic backup and content organizing
  • Easy sharing
  • Fast syncing
  • Accessible everywhere and anywhere
  • Capacity : 1-10 tb of space
  • Compatible with windows, osx, ios, android, windows phone, tvs, cameras, home entertainment systems etc

Box Includes

    • 1. Cloud hub
    • 2. Ethernet cable
    • 3. Power source
    • 4. Startup guide

V cloud consists a 12 month warranty on all cloud hubs.