Tamimah Digital Marketing Solution

Digi-Hawk Marketing

Digi-Hawk Marketing is one of the most effective ways for you to digitally reach out to your client. Take advantage of our Location based Geo-fencing (LBG) platform that collects special demographic information and adds them as filters. So now you can send an informative Ad to someone based on their location, age, gender, online activity and much more.


  • Targeted Smartphone Awareness | Demographic Targeting and tracking metrics
  • Putting Position Correctness to Work
  • Location-Based Targeting: On Premise, Proximity, Audience, Retargeting
  • Target the right people in real-time with precision, transparency and control
  • Find Your Audience & Boost program awareness
  • Track and monitor where your target prospect visits and influence where they should go next
  • Traffic based Intelligent discovery platform
  • Visual Insights and Analytics of Foot Traffic within the Geo-fenced parameters
  • Metrics defining where your customers are coming from
  • Smarter, Faster and Better Analytics
  • Monitoring trending activities and the predictive analysis behavior
  • Location Intelligence monitoring for campaign execution

Targeted ads – Show ads based on user profile and geo location.

  • Location-based advertisements
  • Activity-based (users that run/bike/drive)
  • Location status based on history
  • Where users live or work (socio-economic neighborhood)
  • What users usually do (shopping, visit, average time spent)