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Tamimah an SMS Marketing Company in Oman has a Wide Range of SMS Gateway Solutions. They range from “Enterprise Solutions” for the Government and Corporate sectors to “Lite Solutions” for smaller industries. Our solutions include a Modem Based SMS solution which has “Push & Pull” features, an Online SMS portal for Bulk SMS users, as well as bulk SMS and local SMS gateway service provider. All of our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems of any organization..

SMS Gateway Server

Tamimah SMS Gateway Server include various services and Application for Processing, Managing, Monitoring and Integrating SMS Services. Tamimah SMS Gateway server will have many services to handle the Gateway Process. For facilitating various connectivity’s Gateway server need to enable different roles such as SMTP, IIS and FTP( if its required ). Tamimah SMS Gateway is only compatible with Windows OS Platform and it has 32bit and 64bit versions.

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Tamimah SMS gateway portal

Tamimah Telecom Tamimah Telecom Tamimah Telecom

Tamimah SMS management GUI

Tamimah Telecom Tamimah Telecom Tamimah Telecom

Internet Information Services(IIS)

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Tamimah SMS Gateway Portal

Portal build in latest .net framework with lots of enhanced customer experience for sending SMS like Contacts, groups, file2SMS, Personalised SMS, etc. Portal also support https model and it can be integrated with active directory for fetching the existing contacts and distribution list with searching facility. Portal also have features like hierarchy of organization with departments, SMS Quota allocating etc. Portal has multilayer user architecture including public and private contact, template management. Also included below features in the 3.5 version.

  • Contact Centre Application
  • Task / meeting Scheduler module
  • Auto Push Service Configuration Module
  • New Statistical Reports
  • Message processing wise report
  • Queue Management including Change, cancel schedule etc
  • Graphical Reports with Custom design
  • Auto Pull Service Configuration Module
  • Easy Analytical tool
  • Country Wise billing report
  • Dashboard (Including custom reports / graph)

Tamimah SMS Gateway

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The service which is using to communicate directly to SMSC, Communication Protocols will be SMPP, UCP, SEMA, CIMD2, SNMP, POP3, and SMTP. In Oman Telco is providing only SMPP to communicate with SMSC. CLIENT SMS Gateway will be having the all features of SMPP communication. Such as Text, Unicode and Binary SMSs, Delivery reports, SMS transmission and reception etc.
3rd Applications can send SMS by calling SMS gateway Webservices. Tamimah SMS Gateway 3.5 support REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, GET, POST webservice methods for 3rd party application integrations. For the webservice integration details refer section: 3rd Party Applications can invoke the webservices from their applications over the https. 3rd Party Application servers must have the access to SMS Gateway server on https Port (443). Also application should have the compatibility to integration SSL enabled webservices. As per the Application easiness user can choose one of the methods from REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, GET, POST.
Management tool is the extension of SMS Gateway enterprises version which included monitoring and controlling the Gateway components, Management portal also featured with Starting and stopping services, taking the logs, analysing the traffic issues, debug the connectivity, Applying the configuration changes and generate various reports. Management tool has Dashboard which give you the current statistics of SMS Gateway.
The SMTP service is normally added and enabled by default during the installation of IIS, and no further action is required. SMTP is using for email 2 SMS services. Any 3rd party application can forward the email to SMS Gateway SMTP server. Tamimah SMS Gateway is capable to read the emails and trigger as SMS. SMTP email 2 SMS feature will be helpful for SMS Integration in the network monitoring, System Service Monitoring, Hardware Component monitoring applications.

Tamimah SMS Gateway

3rd Party Connectivity to SMS Gateway


CLIENT SMS gateway users can access SMS gateway web portal through https, any web client such as IE, Chrome & Firefox can load the portal and start using it from their desktop. User PC must have the access to SMS gateway on https port which is port number 443. Application is configured with SSL, so Browser should allow the https access. Application will work in two different Authentication, by default if any authorized windows user loading the portal in his desktop, it will bypass initial authentication and will work as single sign-on facility. If the windows user is not authenticated, still he can log into the portal by giving the provided credentials which is an UID & Password..
Existing Exchange Server will forward the emails which user has send to a specific sub domain like To enable this service, SMTP Port (25) access should be enabled from exchange server to sms gateway server.
Tamimah SMS gateway services required to access the active directory by using LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Communication will be occurred from SMS gateway server to LDAP enabled AD Server. Communication port will be 389.
If any application generate the flat files for notification purposes, Tamimah SMS Gateway is capable to handle to read this files and as per business rule it will push to Client. We have similar use cases for Ooredoo Mobile Less Balance alerts, Ericsson Switch Alerts etc.
As alternative, systems or applications can send sms to a common email ID like then sms gateway will read the email and send to the destinations, destinations can be defined in the subject field, like individual or groups name etc, groups and contacts in that groups can be managed with SMS gateway portal. If its group name in the subject field gateway will read all contacts and push the SMS to entire contacts in that group.
Tamimah SMS Gateway backend database is built on SQL Server and Oracle DBs, Application can communicate these DBs directly and send SMS by inserting records in the OUTBOX Table. Outbox Table Contain “PHONENO”, “MESSAGE” fields, Application has to insert appropriate values into these fields.
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